Project Description

A stupidly simple grid that doesn't bind to anything: it just stores user information into viewstate which can be retrieved at some point.

It is meant mainly for forms where a an arbitrary number of related data rows is necessary (for instance, a list of 1 or more mailing addresses).

You can think of it as a kind of interactive repeater that wraps around viewstate. All you need is a usercontrol to "feed" to it, and "rows" of that usercontrol can be added/edited/deleted by the user at will. When you are ready to use the data that the user has entered (i.e. to save to a database, email, etc), you can just request a collection of all those usercontrols back from StupidGrid and do with them what you will.

StupidGrid is "stupid" because:

a) It doesn't bind to any sort of database or persistance--once the user leaves the page, anything they entered is forgotten.
b) I couldn't find a decent (free) grid to do this, so as I was looking around for one, I kept saying "I just need a stupid grid!"
c) It's stupidly simple to use: just build a user control you want to repeat, "feed" its path to the UserControlPath, and you're done.

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